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For over 30 years, we've served Southern Californians with the most up-to-date, comprehensive training protocol available.  From fitness training and body building to sports rehab and medical support, we're recognized as a top tier health and fitness service.


What Our Clients Say About Us...

Nancy Takahashi

"I feel stronger and I like being able to be thinner and healthier without being hungry.

These are things I learned with Mitchell Fitness Systems.

Exercise is one of the most important things I do just for me.

The time spent at Mitchell Fitness is well worth the investment. Give it time and you will get the results you want!"


Ken Hovsepian, State Farm Insurance

"The purpose of my fitness program is to help me lose weight, gain flexibility, increase my strength, and maintain my health through a sensible eating program.

My father and his entire family have all had heart problems and issues with atherosclerosis, which genetically has been passed on to me.

When my father was 61 years and 5 months old, he had triple bypass surgery. I currently am 62 years and 6 months old and feel I’m in better physical condition than many men who are much younger than I am.

With Trent’s help, I have begun a new and much more intense workout that I am confident will take me to the “next level” whatever that might be.

With this program, it is my hope to reduce my waist at least two inches, lose about 15 lbs, and increase my stamina. The core exercises are fantastic even if I hate them when I’m doing them!

Because of his tremendous communication skills, I always know that I am going to be doing. He is very good about letting me know what “we” are going to be doing at each session. He is constantly looking for “new and better ways” to help me improve, whether it is a different cardio program or change the focus of “our” exercised program.

Even as he pushes me to get the most out of every workout session, he encourages me to achieve my goals while monitoring me to make sure I’m capable of handling it.  The organization of everything lends itself to a successful and safe workout."


Ruth Nelson, Retired, Travel Agent Business Owner

"My goals were pretty simple at 92 years of age.

I wanted to be able to get my butt out of a chair! With two full knee replacements, this was a real challenge for me.

I met Trent at my chiropractors office and he agreed to help me with this goal.

Long story short, I'm not only able to get up and down from a seated position but I can also do pushups, squats, and other exercises!

This has helped me to do those tasks at home that I've found in the past to be too hard to accomplish. Now, I have the strength to do them.

Thank you Trent."


Gary Daily, Redondo Beach Fire Dept. 

"My journey with Mitchell Fitness started with a recommendation from a co-worker who has been a long standing client.

A battery of fitness tests were conducted and showed just how badly out of shape I was.

The results were grim and I knew I had to do something. The doctor that performed the test referred me to Trent and I decided to invest myself into a fitness program asap.

I met with Trent to discuss my goals and was very apprehensive at first.

We came up with a plan of action and set some goals with a time in mind to accomplish them.  Initial workouts were tough for me as I was in such poor shape.

We progressed every week to more intense workouts yet I felt that I wasn't as tired. Trent made me realize that I was progressing.

I started at 251 lbs. and 33% body fat. Today, I enjoy a 198 pound body at 15% body fat!

Mitchell Fitness offers a very comfortable environment. Every trainer is very friendly and they all have the same help people! Everyone is genuinely happy and I could tell the staff really loves what they do. Trent is constantly giving me new goals to pursue. I highly recommend Mitchell Fitness!"


Mark Wisch

"I have been an exercise and fitness enthusiast for over 30 years.

During this time I have spent various periods powerlifting and body building.

Even though I was very disciplined in my diet and exercise routines, I was never able to reduce my body-fat to get that really defined look I wanted.

Every time I dieted I always lost a significant amount of lean mass and was unable to get the look I was after.

I decided to go see Trent to get some advice on what I was doing wrong. Trent reviewed my diet and exercise plan and made several adjustments to both. The results were absolutely amazing.

In two and a half months I was able to reduce my bodyfat from 16.2% to 8.1%. The amazing thing about this is while I was cutting my bodyfat in half I also put on 8 lbs of lean body mass!

Since I easily surpassed my original goal of achieving 10% bodyfat I’m now currently reassessing my goals. I will be back to see Trent as his knowledge and experience will be the key enabler to taking my body to the next level."


Bruce McGregor, Attorney at Law

"By working out three times a week and only one hour sessions under the supervision of Trent Mitchell, I've seen dramatic improvements in my physique, stamina and strength.

I've been especially impressed with Trent's knowledge and his ability to motivate me. with his affable, friendly manner is always evident and speaks loudly of your character.

Believe it or not , I look forward to my workouts…You have made physical exercise fun. I think the world of your program and would recommend it to anyone motivated to improve their physical fitness.

That testimony was made 24 years ago! I am still training with Trent and his son Thomas as of 2014 and feel awesome with more energy than ever before. He has kept me healthy and fit over the years and it's been tons of fun!"


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